Some time ago I was thinking I needed a celebrity to be enthusiastic about my book end your story. Begin your life..., and promote it to his or her friends.

Then I let the thought go and came back to my normal way of being: aware, alert, and relaxed, relatively thought-free, in this timeless, always interesting moment of now.

Then, earlier this week, a friend emailed me. Carlos Santana, of Black Magic Woman fame, had quoted my book on March 22 on the Wall of his Facebook page. (Not surprisingly, he has almost 500,000 friends). He said: This is what resonates with my heart today: "Love is what humanity needs to show more of if there is ever to be any kind of a global healing" -Jim Dreaver

I relayed this message to a few friends, and once again marvelled at the power of thought, especially when used consciously, to create our reality. Then, just the other day, I received an email from Carlos’s Executive Assistant. I called her and she told me Carlos spent lot of time reading spiritual books, had bought my book at Open Secret, and loved it so much he had bought ten more copies for friends!

On a different note, a woman, whom I’ll call Robin, emailed me two months ago, saying she’d bought my book at the Bodhi Tree in West Hollywood. She’d been studying the teachings of Eckhart Tolle for a number of years, but after reading my book she realized she was still identified with certain stories which were causing her emotional pain. I invited her for a private session, then she began coming to the gatherings I hold most Monday nights here at Yoga House.

The main story causing her pain was at work. Her co-worker, Meredith (who, not so surprisingly, reminded her of her older sister, with whom she also had a lot of conflict), was very passive-aggressive, and was always doing things to undermine her. Robin had formed the core story in her head that “Meredith is a bitch, and is not to be trusted.” The emotional consequence of this story, however, was that at work, Robin was often anxious, upset, resentful, and angry. She sometimes left the office in tears. But now that she had been exposed to my work, she began really examining her “story” around Meredith while she was actually at work. Increasingly, it dawned on her that her “story” was just that—a story—and she wasn’t her story. She was, and is, the clear, spacious, ever-present awareness or beingness behind her thoughts and stories.

As she saw that, her stories fell away, and she was more and more just calm, present, relaxed, and compassionate with the still passive-aggressive Meredith. And then, guess what happened? Yes, Meredith, without knowing anything about what was happening internally with Robin, began to change. Now that Robin was no longer reacting to her or resisting her, she felt more space to herself. Gradually, she opened up to Robin. Now, a true friendship is developing between them. Robin’s birthday is not till August, but Meredith is already talking about how the office will celebrate it, and what kind of a cake they are going to buy!

That’s what happens as you see through your “stories” and be the beautiful person you are...