Freedom is another word for enlightenment, self-realization, awakening, liberation... and, yes, also nothing left to lose!

When you awaken to freedom you lose all sense of personal identity and attachment, and so there is no more conflict, upset, or suffering. Yet you, as a conscious, aware being, are still very much here, still enjoying the show, the play and drama of life. And for this being, this "me" that I am, living here in Los Angeles near the beach, what a magical, ever-fascinating show it is. My God...!

That's why I moved over a year ago from the relative "mountain top" of northen California, of course. I wanted to expand my work, I wanted more action, more life, and I sure have it down here in the creative marketplace that is LA .

You see when you are free, you can still want things, you still have desires, you still have ambition... it's just that you are no longer attached to any of it. You honor the past, keep an eye on the future (which includes setting goal and making plans), but you always live right here, in the present. All this is explained in the last chapter of end your story. Begin your life... which is titled, fittingly, "Creating a New Story for Your Life."

And how do you become free? That's the most amazingly, simple thing... and why I am so passionate about the work I do. It is only and every about one thing: seeing that you are not your story, thoughts, or concepts, but rather that you are what sees. You are the ultimate seer of reality and, as such, truly the creator of your universe. Wow...!