I moved recently to Venice, close to Santa Monica, into what is known as the Yoga House, a communal living situation. It’s working out well. The good news is my book, end your story. Begin your life... is now out in hardcover. You can order a personalized, signed copy by going to my website, www.jimdreaver.com and clicking the ‘Books’ page on the menu bar at the left.

The not-so-good news is that the recent CAT scan of my brain, which I have done every year ever since my strokes six years ago, shows that the stenosis (a closing down) of certain arteries is getting worse. According to the neurologist, who gave me the report, there is “no margin for error.” So, I have an appointment with a neurosurgeon at UCLA in the middle of next month to discuss options, including the benefits and risks of a cranial by-pass.

Meanwhile, I am doing everything I can, nutritionally and energetically, to open up the stenotic arteries and maximize blood flow to my brain, including receiving the kun lun/Red Phoenix transmission for circulating energy in my brain. A friend of mine says her life-long seizures stopped after a year of the Red Phoenix practice.(http://www.kunlunbliss.com/) If you have any really good suggestions, I’d be happy to consider them.

Even though I feel well, this has got me reflecting on my own mortality. It brings life into sharp relief when you realize that any day could literally be your last. It lends an acute poignancy to everything—a beautiful flower in the sunlight, a friendly dog wagging its tail, the breeze rustling the trees, a bowl of nourishing soup, a loving connection on the phone with my son, Adam, who is doing his own research into my problem...

Still, I am eternally grateful for the gift of just being here, in this very moment, now. For still being able, as I say at the end of my book, to share my love and wisdom with others. Truly, this is enough.