Got out of bed at 6.30 am this morning, an hour or two before I usually get up. I slept well, as I mostly always do, but only for about four hours.

Problem was I stayed up till after midnight watching Schindler’s List on TV. A powerful, emotionally-searing movie I saw years ago. I got caught up in the drama, of course, and for maybe ten minutes after, reflected on man’s inhumanity to man, and the fact that I felt so grateful for my mission here: to help people to be free, so that tragic events like the Holocaust do not happen again.

When I awoke, it was from a dream about the design of my book, end your story. Begin your life… which I am getting ready to publish in hardcover. I spoke a few comments into the small digital recorder I keep by my bed, got up, went to the bathroom, made my bed, turned my laptop and cell phone on, and then went downstairs.

While the water was heating up for coffee, I got down on the floor and did my morning exercise routine. After I made coffee and had a peach, I went out to greet the day, and formulated my intentions, seeing them as already having happened, just as I write in the last chapter of my book. I visualized myself winning the lottery (I am already free, so now I give myself the experience of material wealth), having a beautiful partner in my life, my book a best-seller, and my son, Adam, healthy, happy, and successful. Then I let go of everything in my mind, and just came back to the flow, beauty, and fullness of the present.

I love it here in Los Angeles. After thirty-plus years living in northern California, the weather here is so mild, and the ocean temperature is still almost 70 degrees. I swim at least several times per week, usually off Santa Monica beach. There are always big, buffeting waves there. In end your story. I write about the cleansing, healing effect of visiting the ocean in northern California, but it is too cold to swim. I grew up swimming in the ocean in New Zealand, and it is wonderful, truly great, to be able to do that again.

But I won’t swim today. After a breakfast of crackers and cheese, I’ve been working at my laptop all morning, making phone calls to my book designer, adjusting the layout, connecting with friends around our going to see the Dalai Lama Saturday morning in Long Beach. I’ve never seen him in person before, so it will be good to experience him and pay my respects.

I just finished my raw vegetable salad, my favorite lunch, and shortly I’ll head off to the gym for my lower-body workout. I go three times a week, and still do yoga and walk a lot for exercise. Yesterday, at the beach, I actually ran in short bursts along the hard sand by the water’s edge. It felt good. When I come back from the gym I’ll watch some baseball, and then take a nap. The baseball season is almost over now, and the LA Dodgers, at the top of their division, are headed into the play-offs. I’ve been a baseball fan ever since Barry Bonds came to the San Francisco Giants fifteen years ago.

Tonight I get to do one my favorite things of all: gathering with a group of people in a home in Culver City, and teaching them the art being, of living without stress, conflict, or suffering. And there’s nothing we have to do in order to realize that! It is all about seeing, shifting our perception. Amazing!