Everything that can be seen changes, but you are the seeing, that which never changes. Know yourself as the seeing, and you'll always be.

Let me explain. First, everything that can be seen changes. This becomes obvious the more closely you look at it. Our bodies change. They mature, age, and eventually die. Our thoughts, beliefs, sensations, and feelings change all the time. Our stories change. Even a devout religious story, say about God or some other power, changes. It comes and goes, it grows weaker or stronger over time. Then, of course, our friends and relationships change. They too come and go. And the world around us, both natural and man-made, is always changing.

The second key phrase is that you are the seeing, that which never changes. Think about this. Who or what in you is reading these words, words which are themselves changing, moving past your eyes as you read. You may say: “Well, I am.” But then who is this “I” that you take yourself to be? Can you actually find the “I” anywhere in your mind, in your consciousness? Or is it, too, just a concept, the story-teller, but an object in consciousness that is just as elusive as any other concept?

You definitely have a sense of unique individuality. You know that “you” exist. But when you look within and try to find this “you” that you take yourself to be, you won’t be able to find it. Anything you say about yourself, no matter how “true” it seem to be, will be just another concept—another story. And, as we have seen, all stories, no matter how true they seem to be, can be observed, or seen—and, as a result, they change.

Now, for those of you who may still be struggling with this, just to get it at least intellectually is a start. To understand that you are not your story, that everything that can be seen changes, and that you are the seeing, that which never changes. If you live with that understanding, and contemplate it daily, it will seep down into the cells of your body, and become more and more your felt, or lived, experience.

The third key phrase of the message above is that once you know yourself as the seeing, you are free. Once you’ve made the shift from being identified with your stories to your true identity as the awareness, the unchanging consciousness which gives rise to all the stories in your life, including the ego or story-teller itself, then you are always fulfilled, at peace, and in the flow of life.

Then you are in touch with the secret of manifestation. When you know yourself as consciousness, the source of everything, you just have to be the consciousness you are, and focus on what you truly need or want. Every creative act starts with a thought, an idea. While all thoughts themselves are unreal, they do serve a purpose: you use them for communication and creativity, for making good decisions and manifesting your goals, or intentions, in reality.

After all, everything man-made, from the biggest sky-scrapers to the tiniest microchips, from forms of government to programs for feeding the poor, began with an idea in someone’s mind. So, be clear about your intentions, what you want. Think of them several times a day, then forget about them.
Come back to the power of the present, and enjoy the flow of whatever you happen to be manifesting.