When our inner peace and well-being depend on forces outside ourselves (circumstances, the marketplace, other people) the stress and anxiety that result in personal conflict, and that get in the way of our effectiveness, are always close at hand. Our buttons get all too easily pushed.

But as we become more established in our true, awakened nature, we are far less at the effect of those outer forces. We then bring greater clarity, confidence, and focus to the problems needing our attention. We are able to act decisively and generate results with more consistency and predictability. In those instances where events do not work out favorably, we are able to more quickly make the adjustments needed to get things back on track.

The simplest and most direct method for making the shift back to our true nature is as follows: As often as you remember throughout the day, pause and take the time to breathe slowly and consciously. Then bring your awareness slightly behind and above your head. This is more the real you. From this place, make your body, sense, and mind/personality objects of observation. It is as if you are witnessing all that is arising within your awareness.

If you are being bothered by a particular thought, belief, or story (for example, What if I fail?) examine it objectively. Be very still for a moment or two, and look at the belief as you would any object from this detached place slightly behind and above yourself. Do not judge it or analyze it. Become aware of yourself as the awareness, or consciousness, that is looking at this particular belief. Now be aware that what you are looking at, you cannot be. You are what is looking.

The belief, What if I fail? is just a thought form arising within the field of awareness that you are. When you stop identifying with it through the practice of presence, you cease giving it power. Through applying this technique many times a day, eventually the belief will lose its charge. It will no longer be a button for you. No belief or thought form can persist for long in the light of clear, sustained awareness, or conscious presence.

After you have freed yourself from one limiting belief, then take the next one that is causing conflict, and work with it in the same way. The more you do this, the more your head will clear, and you will come to a place of authentic inner freedom. Instead of living from your mind and its worries, you will live from an alert yet relaxed sense of awareness in the present. Then you will be able to use your mind for the powerful creative tool that it is, but it will no longer be a source of conflict or stress for you.