Q: I am grateful for finding myself of late more and more in a space of equanimity and equilibrium, now knowing myself as the witness of the world between my ears. I find the story which was my life has lost its emotional charge.

The strange side of this seems to be that I no longer ''worry'' about my family, children and friends who used to seek the comfort of my shoulder to cry on. Seeing the perfection (the Big Picture) of all happenings, I no longer feel the need to offer them (ego-tainted) advice and so now they accuse me of no longer caring about them! I am now wondering, where is the feeling of compassion, the service, the giving? How can I assist my fellow human family when I see that all is in every moment perfectly as it should be? I am finding it difficult to articulate my compassion into helpful deeds and my family basically misses my old role as solace provider and at times even questions my sanity! Any advice?

A: Your family may well gripe about your seeming to no longer care. After all, they are still, mainly, stuck in their story, their suffering. They are still identified with their egos. Nothing is changing for them and even if it does (some new circumstance to brighten their lives), inevitably they will suffer again. We always do, until we finally awaken to, as you call it, the Big Picture. However, seeing the Big Picture, while it is the end of one journey, the inner, spiritual journey, is just the beginning of a whole new adventure. Now we must learn how to share the love that we feel with others. That is an ongoing work, a journey without end.
Ask yourself: “Now that real inner freedom is becoming a reality for me, how do I wish to serve, to give back?” Then live with that question until the answer begins to dawn, and becomes a real passion. I suspect for you it will again involve your family and friends, at least in the beginning. You will again offer that oh so strong shoulder to cry on. But then, after their crying is done, you will turn to them and talk about the marvelous inner truth, the truth of freedom and love, that you have discovered, and how they can discover it too. When you have their attention, you will talk to them about the “stories” between their ears, and how they are all unreal, but what is real is the love you and they are sharing right now…