Q: My question for you is about weight. I love to read and learn so my understanding about what you are saying is there. Intellectually I get it, feeling it is another thing. I get stuck when I understand that my non-physical being is creating the physical being but I can only identify with the physical being even though I know better. I do not know how to let go of my story. I have tried thinking positive, stepping back like you said and telling myself this is not me. A part of me has a real big problem with this. Does it mean I accept myself as 60lbs heavier? Then how do I do what I need to do to let go of the weight? My husband says heal your mind and the body will follow. Great, but where is the mind? What is the mind? How do I connect with it? Needless to say, I feel like I have been working with this problem for so many years, and each year my problem expands by 10lbs! Frustration, anger, and depression inevitably come along with the story about my weight.

A: You must ask yourself: what is more important to me, finding the freedom, peace, and love inside me that comes with awakening to my true nature… or losing this excess weight that I’ve been struggling to lose for so many years? The more you find freedom within, the more the more you will perceive yourself as a contented and happy person, genuinely so. The “problem” of your weight will then fade from your consciousness. It simply won’t be a problem anymore. Then, maybe, the weight will also fade away. Or maybe it won’t! Whatever happens, you will be at peace.

How to find the freedom within? First, every time you find yourself suffering over your weight, welcome it. Welcome your experience, because it is showing you where you are not yet free. Then look for the story you are telling yourself (I’m angry, I’m depressed, I feel awful because I’m so fat!). Lastly, do the practice. Step back out of the story between your ears, but be very present, very aware. Affirm to yourself the one story that is always true: “I am not my story. I am the pure awareness that is present right now…” Then breathe and relax into the feeling of being aware, of being alertly present in this moment.

You will probably have to do this three-step transformational process many, many times a day to begin with, but I promise you, if you do it faithfully, it will work. You will become a freer, happier, and more fulfilled person. You will be vastly lighter in spirit… and maybe in terms of your weight, too!

December 2007