Happiness Has No Story

Upcoming Events with Jim Dreaver

To realize true inner freedom is the most important gift you can ever give yourself.  Freedom manifests in a clear, loving presence. You are awake, alert, patient, and listen attentively. Everything flows better, including your personal and work life.

You are invited to join us at any of the below events for meditation, dialogue, an exploration of the simple awakening practice as it applies to actual situations, and a celebration of our always-existing true nature, here and now…

Note: All times PST (Pacific Standard Time)

For questions or more information, call Jim at 310-916-4037. 

Monday, August 28, 7 - 8.45 pm. Gathering with Jim. 2860 Verde Vista Drive, Santa Barbara, CA 93105.* By donation, all welcome!

*Private residence, take State St north to E. Alamar, which is marked by a stop light/Lemon Tree Inn. Right on Alomar, Verde Vista is 2nd street on right, 2nd block on right, 4th house—standing stone Buddha in front! (Please - no wearing of any scents/perfumes).

The freer we are of our ego-based “story,” which reacts whenever we’re worried or stressed—being right, controlling, judging, blaming, holding grudges, clinging to expectations, resisting what is—the more present, clear, and happy we are.

Jim teaches the mastery practice as a way of freeing us from the ego’s grip. Every time we find ourselves distracted by a thought or “story,” or are suffering in some way, that’s our signal to remember the mantra, “No story…,” breathe, ground ourselves, and come back to being present.

As we watch ourselves inwardly, we see how our thoughts and “stories,” feelings and emotions, come and go—including this ego “I” we’re so identified with—yet “we,” as awareness, are always here. If we’re emotionally triggered, we experience it without any “story.” Our reaction came from our past and was real then, but is not real now. Only what’s happening now, our circumstances, is real.

Then we can deal with whatever we’re facing—a relationship conflict, financial issue, work situation, or health challenge—with a clear mind and calm emotions, guided always by the wisdom of our heart. Plus, we have a new, “happy” to share!

For a video interview I did with Rick Archer at Buddha at the Gas Pump, where I talk in-depth about my work, click HERE.


After Esalen Workshop, September 9 - 14, 2012


Esalen 2011
Simone, Rougui, Greg, Silke, Hector, Matthew, Rico, Joel, Jim, Lucia, and Michael; Group photo by Lee

Esalen 2011
Group feet by Lee

Esalen 2011
Greg, Lee, Hector, and Matthew

Esalen 2011
Rougui at Julia P. Burns, group hike

Esalen 2011
Simone, Lucia, Silke, and Michael, group hike in Mcway Canyon

Esalen 2011
Jim and Donna on Rolf deck

Esalen 2011
Hector, El Magneto de las Mujeres, with Simone and Lucia

Esalen 2011

Esalen 2011
Our Group!