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I invite you to check out my February 2015 90-minute interview with Rick Archer on "Buddha at the Gas Pump." It is the most in-depth presentation about my work. Click HERE.

A 10 minute Video I made on 4.2.2017 summing up my work

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After you have said the mantra three times, we will then address where you still get stuck, triggered, where you are not yet free. We'll delve into the "story" - which may very well be unconscious - you tell yourself. Together we'll see how the "story" comes and goes, but "you," as this beautiful, conscious person you are, are always here. Right now, in this moment!



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Other Videos

Check out this 27 minute video, here, that I did at Unity Santa Barbara, Sunday September 13, 2015.

To watch a 20 min video about one man's experience of awakening under my guidance, formerly a "student," now a nondual "teacher" himself, and a good friend and colleague of mine, click HERE.

About The Power of Awakening...

“The awakening practice gives us an almost immediate taste of the freedom, love, and creative power of our true nature. Do it every time we get lost in a thought, belief, or suffering, and it will lead to our being fully awake and free, essentially 24/7.”  

                —from the Introductory Pages

       Below is the table of contentsThere are 108 lessons in all, each very short.

Introductory Pages 

My Yosemite Vision... The Love that Heals Everything... “You are Beautiful as You Are”… The Greatest Gift We'll Ever Give Ourselves... Introduction to the Three Teachings... The 1st Teaching—The Awakening Practice… The Practice—Part 2…The 2nd Teaching—Welcoming our Reactions… Welcoming our Reactions—Part 2…The 3rd Teaching—Feel the Love… The Signs of Awakening… The Form and Flow of this Book



Chapter One—Peace, Love, and Freedom are our True Nature 

Feeling at Ease while Living in the World… Facing Life’s Challenges—My Health Crisis … Two Kinds of Freedom… The Deepest Wisdom… The Big “R” Reality… It is What it Is… It’s all Good… The Buddha’s “Secret”… The Only Thing we can “Know” for Certain… What is Always Here… Meditation and Mindfulness… 
Noticing which “I” is Active in You… Doing the Practice - Worrying about Health, Finances, or Meeting Someone...

Chapter Two—The “Stories” that Get in the Way of our True Nature

Our “Stories”… The Healing Power of Story… No Story, No Suffering… Stop Believing your Thoughts… How our Personal “Story” Began… The Connection between Thoughts and Emotions… Your Unconscious Thoughts and Motivations… Envy, Greed, and Jealousy… Guilt and Shame… Boredom and Regret… Judgment and Self-Judgment… The Difference between Pain and Suffering… Feeling the Emotion without a “Story”… Religious Stories… What to Tell your Children about God… The Dark Night of the Soul… Haunted by a Lover who’d Committed Suicide… 
Doing the Practice - Feeling Guilt, Shame, or Actual Physical Pain

Chapter Three—Seeing through our “Stories” 

The Awakening Practice Revisited… Welcoming our Reactions Revisited … Welcoming - Part 2... Feel the Love Revisited … Stopping the Mind vs. Stepping Back from It… Seeing your Mind as a Virtual Reality… Welcoming What Is… Welcoming Anger as a Path to Freedom… Residues of Old Ego Patterns… The True Letting Go… Doing the Practice… Zeroing in on the Story behind the Emotion… Seeing is Freeing… Releasing your Need to Understand… Freeing yourself from Fear… Realizing that you are the Seeing… 
Doing the Practice - Releasing Real or Imagined Fear

The First Relationship Practice - Looking into a Mirror


Chapter Four—Healing the Wounds of our Past

Love is the Healer… The Mother/Father Wound… My Wounding… Embodying our Realization in the Heart… Healing the Mother/Father Wound… Forgiveness… Getting Angry with your Ex… Dealing with Addictions… The Victim Story… An Example of a Victim Story… Ending Self-Doubt and Self-Esteem Issues… Be Easy on Yourself… Loving Yourself… The Gift of a Broken Heart… True Romantic Love… A Woman who wanted to Open her Heart… 
Doing the Practice - Making Peace with our Past

Chapter Five—Deepening our Experience of the Present Moment

Inner Vigilance… A Rigorous Self-Honesty… “Where are You not yet Free?”… Self-Inquiry and Inner Freedom… Mastering the Practice… The Student and the Teacher… Bringing Consciousness to this Action Now… Staying Calm in the Midst of Chaos… Let Go Your Attachment to Feeling Good… The Final Freedom… Living without a Self-Image… Who are You without your Story?... There is Only One Rule… The Silence that is our True Nature… When Silence is Used as an Escape… Ending the Mind’s Chatter… 
Doing the Practice - Shifting into Mastery

The Second Relationship Practice - Connecting with Someone Close




Chapter Six—Embodying our Realization in Daily Life

Desire… Will and Willpower… Ambition… The Power of Thought and Intention… Personal Affirmations… Pay Attention to the Signs… Don’t Wobble… Experiencing Freedom around Money… Being at Peace with your Work… When Someone Cuts you Off on the Freeway… Waking at Three or Four in the Morning… Watching the News… Solving Problems… Choices and Decisions… Conflict and War… Awakened Leadership... The Inevitability of Death… From Self-Loathing to “Self” Loving… 
Doing the Practice - Thinking about Something our Heart Desires

Chapter Seven—Shining our Light in our World

Knowing you’re Awake and Free… Grace and Gratitude… Faith and Trust… One Moment at a Time… The Time is Always Now… When you Forget the Now… Timing… Live Your Understanding… Living in Openness… You Are the Universe… The Proof that You are Free… A Reverence for Life… Sharing the Message with Others… Love Will Guide You… 
Doing the Practice - Living our Purpose

The Third Relationship Practice - Connecting with our World

Appendix - The 21-Day Awakening Challenge

A Closing Message from Jim… Acknowledgments… About Jim...


A Sample Lesson...


12. Noticing Which "I" is Active in Us

As we become more awake and free, more present, we realize something quite profound: even though we are now much freer of our ego, our “I” and “me” thoughts, we still have them!

The notion that our ego must be “annihilated,” popular in some spiritual traditions, is a fallacy. Even after enlightenment, the ego is still there. We could call it the “awakened ego,” to contrast it with the “unawakened ego”—or the conscious or functional “I,” which is our true “I,” the “I” of the being we are.

The ego “I” is the ego that we are still identified with—that we think and believe is who we are. I am my name, my story, my emotional history, my nationality, my culture, my religion, and my political affiliation.

“I very definitely am these things and I will react—defensively, even angrily, or with doubts and insecurity—whenever what I believe is challenged or threatened” says the ego “I.” In other words, it is all about me, me, me

The greatest fear of the ego “I” is loss of control, and it will do anything—resort to any rationalization, any action—to maintain at least the illusion of control. It is often unhappy about its past, and is always trying to get somewhere, into a new, better, or different situation in the future. It is only satisfied with the present moment if its needs are being met—“my” needs.

But even as we find the inner freedom we’ve been seeking, we—as the functional “I”—realize that, “Oh, I still have an ego…”

After all, whenever we say “I” or “me,” that’s our ego speaking. The ego is our personal boundary-setter. We use it for planning and goal-setting, and defining our personal wants and needs.

The functional “I,” or the awakened ego, is calm, clear, and very present. We use it for our normal, daily routine, as in “I must speak to my partner about this,” or “I need to get ready for work,” or “I need to visit the doctor.”

Learning to be inwardly vigilant so that we can distinguish which “I” is active in us is essential on the path of awakening. And if there is even the slightest trace of angst or suffering—or pride or self-satisfaction—we can be sure it’s our ego “I.” Be glad that we have seen it, because in the very seeing, we begin to free ourselves from it.


Which “I” is active in us right now? Our egoic, reactive “I,” or our conscious, functional “I?” Recognize the difference, and be free…