The Power of Awakening

Private Sessions with Jim Dreaver


"Whoever enters the Way without a guide will take a hundred years to travel a two-day journey."



You can get my new book/PDF, Flowing in Freedom: Mastering the Shift into True Happiness for a DONATION of any amount. Plus, see my my special, introductory private session offer. See all details by click on "Special Events" on the menu bar at left.

If you decide you want to work with me, then I offer individual, one-at-time sessionsor "10 Sessions to Awakening..." where we engage in 10 weekly hour-long sessions, where you will see ever more clearly that, while you have an ego, you are not your ego.

Why not? Because your ego - this "I" you most personally identify with, like any other thought or belief, feeling or emotion - comes and goes, shifts and changes, but you, the awareness behind it all, are always here. When you see this, really get it, it results in a tremendous feeling of inner freedom, peace, and contentment - you realize you have truly mastered the ability to be fully present in this moment now.

Sometimes 10 sessions is all it takes! 

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What Others Have Said About Working One-on-One with Me:

 “Jim is informal, human, funny, and compassionate—and, at the same time, unshakable in his realization of freedom. One of things I appreciate most about working with him is the power of the transmission that comes through clearly during Skype sessions. His presence resonates with me and I find myself falling into my true nature very easily. He's been of enormous help to shake me out of my hypnosis.”

Bart Walton, Kauai, HI 

"Jim doesn't dwell on esoteric practices, but shows that ordinary challenges in everyday life can be powerful doorways into spiritual awakening. This is so much less complicated than I realized—and I’ve been on this path for 40 years!"            

Lia Olson, Berkeley, CA

"Jim always points me back to the consciousness that I am, which I still often ‘forget.’ I'm more aware of the ‘stories’ I tell myself, and how they shape my reality, and keep me from being free. I love working with him. He reminds me of what is real..." 

Dan Blessent, San Diego, CA

"When I searched for the ‘perceiver’ behind the perception, I couldn't find it. I verbalized my dilemma to Jim, who was quick to reply: 'The perceiver does not exist, that is why you can't find it. Perceiving is always here, but there is no perceiver.'  It hit me like a ton of bricks! After that, layers of old suffering began falling away like dead leaves during autumn. I do not have enough words to thank Jim for what he did for ‘me!’”

Gian Paolo Girardi, Glendale, CA

 “The Sufis say that the mark of a teacher is can he or she deliver the goods? Jim delivers. He cuts through the ‘stories’ to get to the crux of now. As a result, I am much freer, more present, and more productive and successful than when I started working with him.”   

 Fred Spanjaard, Global Media Productions, Maui, HI

“Working with Jim has really helped liberate me from some old, deep stories that were causing me to react emotionally—in particular, an old pattern of anger and self-righteousness that stemmed from my late father’s anger. Now, I am a lot more at ease and relaxed in the present. Additionally, he guided my 9-year old son to freedom from a fear of ghost that had been plaguing him for three years—in just one session!”

Magdalena Bischof, Arlesheim, Switzerland

“Working with Jim is wonderful! His teaching is simple, direct, and unusually effective, but his transmission of True Nature is where the magic happens. As a result, a soft knowing is emerging within, and I find myself living more and more in open-hearted presence.”

 Jane Cohen, Boulder, CO

“I worked privately with Jim for two years, and then began inviting him to my home in Boulder to teach workshops. After the third year, I was and am awake and free. It is that simple!”

Julianna Dahl, Ph.D., Boulder, CO 

“From the time I first met Jim I could feel the depth of his presence. He truly embodies 'being present in the Now' that many of us aspire to. At a recent session with him I had an extraordinary experience that was life-changing, where I saw something about myself that liberated me from an old, old pattern. I am so grateful!”

Marigrace Gleason, Sherman Oaks, CA

“The strength of a spiritual teacher lies not so much in his or her words—although they can be helpful—but in the pure transmission of their awakened energy. Gazing into Jim's eyes soothes my fears and reminds me "Oh yes, I am that too!"  Whenever I forget this, a private session with Jim serves as a potent reminder. I highly recommend working with him one-on-one. He has no egoic attachment or agenda except to love and support you in waking up to the full realization of your own divinity.”

Joyce Tate Dvoren, Santa Monica, CA

"Jim, you completely changed my life. I have practiced your work for over a year. I now realize that I chose to be a victim. No one ever opened the world of wisdom like you."

Jan B. Hamilton, Ph.D., Aspen, CO

"Before I just couldn't understand your message about letting go of my ‘identity.’ All I could do was say, yeah, but how do I let go… and if I'm not my "identity", who am I? But now, as a result of our session, I could literally feel things shift in every fiber as I saw that "I" was not real. I am simply awareness itself, before any concept of “I,” “me,” and “mine". I’ve been seeking for seven years, and now, here it is. Awesome, huh?"

Ann Smith, Muncie, IN

"There is a very deep presence that has stayed with me after working with you. I am more easily able to come back to the sanctuary of the present than before."

Erik Ossell, Big Sur, CA

"My experience of Jim was remarkable… Every time I felt conflicted I did as he suggested, and felt a sense of freedom from the story and from the emotional upset. It was profound."

Truth Paradise, Aspen, CO

"Since our session, the awareness of that timeless, joyful, sweet, illuminating essence has continued. It is so beautiful. It is different in some ways as I had conceived awakening would be. I used to think that once we awakened, a magic wand would descend from the heavens and make our lives perfect! Now I understand that awakening doesn't necessary automatically bring all knowledge, but it brings the recognition of That which is always here....and That which is always here is sublimely sweet."

Rosemary Cochran, Pismo Beach, CA

"Everything is falling into place… You told me to focus on the perceiving, rather than on what is perceived. Learn to be in awareness itself, you said, rather than getting enmeshed in the thoughts and things of which I am aware. Thank you for the clarity. It's so simple, yet I have missed it most of my life!"

Chris Rogers, Chicago, IL

“During the time I worked with Jim privately, I experienced a profound shift. I am more present, more conscious, and am learning to welcome even the times when I worry. Amazing!”   

Rev. Maryum Morse, Center of the Heart, Santa Barbara, CA

“Each time I see these little stories like ‘There has to be more than this’ and ‘I need to be free of all my habits and desires first before I realize,’ there is such an opening... That seeing is allowing me to be awake and present!”

Darren Cartwright, Sydney, Australia