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You will understand you are not your body, and that who you really are does not die. Instead of being afraid of death, you will develop a deep and growing trust in the natural unfolding of life. Dying will be seen as yet another step in this endless journey your soul is on. You will learn to welcome uncertainty, to delight in the mystery, the wonder of existence. Just as it was when you were a child, each day will again begin to feel like a new adventure to you.

With this trust will come self-acceptance, and out of self-acceptance will flow a natural acceptance of others. You will stop wasting your energy in comparing yourself to others. You will see the futility of judging them, of trying to "fix" or change them. You will be happy instead with being yourself, with living your own truth. You will realize that to express yourself in this way is the most valuable gift you can ever give anyone. Truly, it is the beginning of love, and only when there is love can real change come about.

To find out all these things for yourself is the goal of the healing journey. It is an immensely rewarding journey and one you can only make on your own, for you are the healer. The answers to your problems and conflicts lie within you. Others can point the way back to your Self—can inspire you, share with you, support you through difficult times—but no one else can do your inner work for you. You awaken the healing energy within you through your determination to find it. It is, in the end, a choice you make.

If you choose the path of healing and keep listening to your heart, keep bringing your attention back within yourself, you will come upon that energy, I promise. You will discover that it is like a flame burning within you, a bright, steady flame that has always been here. At times you will feel it as a clear, empty joy, and at others as a rich and full sense of Being. It is the eternal "hum" of the universe, vibrating ceaselessly within you and around you. The more you open to it, the more you will feel it—healing you, renewing you, guiding you, sustaining you.

This energy, you will discover, is the source of everything you have been looking for in your life. It really is the ultimate cure for whatever may be ailing you. It is the energy of your aliveness. It is the well-spring of your creativity. It is your passion. It is your joy. It is your ability to think, to dream, to laugh, to feel, and to cry. It is your spiritual essence. It is the love you have longed for all your life. It is who and what you most fundamentally are.

I wish you the best on your journey!

Sebastopol, California
Spring, 1993

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