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The workshops are a constant reminder to me of what a beautiful gift it is to take a day or two out of our lives for this kind of exploration of who and what we are. It is always a rich and rewarding experience. It is a coming back Home to ourselves, to our true Selves. And what we discover, most of us, is that my Self and your Self are not so different. At the heart of things, where it matters, we really are One.

In this book I would like to share with you some of the things you might learn and discover were you to actually attend a workshop of mine. Each of the twenty-one chapters that follows represents a tool, an approach you can work with that will support you on the journey back to your Self.
Take the tools, play with them, experiment with them, find out the ways in which they might work for you. Let yourself feel the energy behind my words and you may be surprised at what begins to move within you, what new insights and feelings are awakened.

Many people who attend a workshop leave feeling a sense of centeredness, of clarity and inner peace, that they have not felt in a long time. They feel more on purpose, more directed. They come away with a greater trust in their own knowing. They feel ready to take the next step, to meet the next challenge in their life.

Some, finding all their resistance melting, the chronic tension and anxiety within them dissolving, experience physical and emotional healings. Perhaps for the first time they feel themselves really deeply, or they see something in an entirely different way, so that it opens up a new range of possibilities for them.

Others get more in touch with their pain, their conflict. The energy of unconditional love and acceptance in the room helps bring the issues that need to be worked with more to consciousness, where they can be seen and addressed. Those looking for guidance often find out what they need to do next, how best to create the breakthrough that will free them from whatever may be holding them back.

No matter what their personal need or agenda, all come away, to some degree or other, with a sense that they are fundamentally okay as they are. They realize that the healing they seek is not so much about acquiring anything new, as it is learning to discover the depth and fullness that is already within them.

And this is my message to you. You are a beautiful human being. There may be things you need to change, or want to change, outwardly in your life—whether to do with your health, your relationships, your work, your finances, or something else—but inside, in your essence, you are enough, just as you are. It is important to know this, to remember it often. The more you trust it, the more it will become a reality for you. It is a matter of learning to be quiet and still, and beginning to look within yourself—rather than outside—for the love and fulfillment you seek. Do this and sooner or later you will awaken to your own innate wholeness.

You will feel this wholeness as a current of joy, of well-being, flowing in and through you. Whenever you stop and turn to it, it will be there—not as the product of anything you think or do but simply because it is the substance, the very essence, of your Being. Moreover, you will realize that this energy is in everyone and in all things. It is the exquisite pulse—the divine spark—of creation itself.

The more you touch this energy, the more you will find all your deeper questions about life being answered. Your inner doubts and fears will begin to fall away. What will be left will be an increasing sense of ease and well-being in body, mind, and spirit. Times of tension and disturbance will continue to arise in your experience, especially during those moments when you are caught in the ego's grip, in the mental and emotional contraction that is the hallmark of self-will. But even the periods of contraction will be as ripples on the surface of the water. Underneath, in the depths of your Being, that clarity and stillness will be more and more there.

Even if there is a problem that will not go away—a health condition that seems beyond help, or some other limiting circumstance—you will not worry about it so much. You will understand that so long as you are alive, there will always be problems, for such is the nature of human existence. The more connected you are to the healing energy within you, the less of a "problem" such limitations become. You just deal with them in the most intelligent and appropriate way you can.