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The Unexpected Goddess

Dear Friend,

I want to share one more excerpt from my new novel, The Unexpected Goddess. The excerpt is from one of the subchapters near the end. (In between each chapter, where I tell the story of Steve and Annie’s relationship, there are a few pages, or subchapters, where I tell Steve’s back-story). The novel is finished, by the way, and I am now seeking an agent…

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From Chapter Two, End Your Story, Begin Your Life

I was working with a client the other day, on the phone, who said that he had fewer commitments in life now and less that he had to “do,” to busy himself with, yet still his mind was often on overdrive.

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Ultimate Cure

From the Introduction to The Ultimate Cure:

“Once you have had this glimpse of Reality, that you and the universe are indeed One, it starts to free you in all kinds of ways. You begin to realize that you are more than your body, mind, and emotions, more than your personality, more than the role you play in life. You begin to intuit that you are bigger than any fear, problem, or conflict you may experience.

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Personal Stories

From Chapter Seven, End Your Story, Begin Your Life

I am sensing something new, that it is the attachment to the stories that run me that is behind my suffering. I want to learn more about this.

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Juliana’s Story

The first person to ask me to be her teacher was Juliana Dahl. I agreed, and for the next year, we consulted twice-per-month on the phone, as she lived in Boulder, Colorado, and I lived in northern California. Then, in 2006, I started traveling to Boulder to teach a series of workshops in her home. Here is her story, in her words:

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