New Radio Interview 11.2015 - Jim on the Pam Oslie Show, AM 1290, Santa Barbara, CA 

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The Call for Enlightened Leadership
This 50 minute audio explores what it takes to bring enlightenment from the mountaintop into the marketplace... How to lead from the very source of wisdom, love, and creative power... How to always be clear, centered, and present amidst the uncertainty, confusion, and chaos of modern corporate and organizational life.

Interview with Linda Pannell of
In this audio, made in March, 2009, Jim presents the latest refinement of his teaching. About halfway through the audio, he gently guides a woman, LuAnn, who is experiencing strongfluctuations between fear and excitement, back to the present, to her clear, grounded true nature. (This is what he does in his workshops). A few days later, she sent Jim an email: “I so appreciate your helping me get back into the presence. It's fabulous! I am grateful for this teaching and energy. I am feeling happy and in so doing I hear the birds singing their songs outside. It's beautiful!”

The Three Secrets of Inner Peace, Happiness & Success
This 50 minute audio was originally made for my coaching clients. I wanted to give them a reminder of what they need to know in order to be inwardly free, happy, and at peace… And then what they need to do to manifest their inner clarity and freedom in the kind of creative action… Which would then allow them have the results, the outer success, they seek in their relationships, work, and life.

The Way of Harmony: Tools on Tape
A 50 minute audio containing the fifteen most important tools, or exercises, from The Way of Harmony is now available. I recorded this so that you can do the meditations and guided visualizations to the sound of my voice. This is a great way to make the material in the book--and the core insight--more real for you.

Why Enlightenment Matters
This ninety minute audio of a talk I gave, with questions and answers, at the annual Conference on Enlightenment, Shamanism, and Sacred Sexuality in Santa Fe, NM, January, 2005. This was one year post-stroke, so the delivery is not perfect!

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An hour-plus interview Jim did on December 31, 2011, where he talks in-depth about his work. can be heard here: 

8 Meditations/Lessons from Jim's newest book (March, 2012), The Simple Truth of Happiness... Download them here:

A conversation Lisa Garr of Los Angeles' The Aware Show and Jim, April 2012 at