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My new book is titled, in PDF only at this point, is titled We are Beautiful as We Are: How Awakening Heals us and our World. The essence of what it's about is this:


The most important step in making awakening real in our own lives is to understand what it is. 

It is realizing that we are awareness itself, expressing in this body, mind, and personality called “us.”

We have thoughts, “stories,” emotions, and an ego but we are not any of these because they come and go. Rather, we are awareness or presence itself, awake and alert in this moment.

With awakening we experience a feeling of ease, harmony, and flow. Our mind is clear, our heart open, we’re on purpose. We discover that true abundance, and the deepest riches and blessings, are right here, now. Our world is healed simply by our showing up in a caring, loving way.

The barrier to awakening is our ego, this “I” thought we still take to be real, and that causes us to feel separate from others. This results in people who can push our buttons, and situations we fear or don’t trust.

This book explores the “stories” that prop up the ego, triggering such emotions as resentment, anger, judgment, guilt, and self-doubt.


As we become freer and more present – more awake – we have a new, happier “story” to share with others…


The book itself consists of an introductory section which lays out, in simple language, how the above is accomplished.


This is followed by 108 lessons, none of them longer than two pages, which make up the rest to the book. These address the finer points—the nitty gritty, so to speak—of how awakening is applied to family, relationships, health, work, money, creativity, and other situations in daily life.


Each lesson, in turn, is summarized at the end by a brief statement, no longer than a few sentence. Three example of these are:


We cannot be free in the present until we’ve made peace with our past.

Love without wisdom is messy and emotional, and wisdom without love is dry and empty, but when the two come together, we dance in freedom, joy, and harmony in all our relationships.

The difference between a Master and a student is that the student aspires someday to be a Master, while the Master knows that he or she is always a student. 

Click here to see the book cover, read the 108 lesson titles and "The Gift of Awakening," and learn about how you can buy the PDF for only $9.95 - or pay $30 more and take advantage of my special private session offer.

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End Your Story, Begin Your Life 

My book, End Your Story, Begin Your Life published by Hampton Roads ($16.95) is in paperback. It has been widely-praised as one of the best and clearest guides to being free while fully engaging in the marketplace of daily life. More details on the Books page. Also available as an audiobook.

An article about Jim and his work, by Joyce Tate Dvoren, is in the December 2011 issue of LA Yoga. Titled ‘Three Steps to Freedom,’ it can be read online at http://www.layoga-digital.com/layoga/201112#pg22

New Blog

My blog, which I used to call Reflections on Freedom, and is still on the subject I am most passionate about, is now at my Facebook page, link below. I generally make a new entry several times a week, my current musings - including, sometimes, a piece from one of my books - on this timeless and most important subject.

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The Essence of my Teaching

Nonduality, nondual, spiritual, enlightenment, awakening, self-realization, and liberation are all pointers to the ultimate truth of life, but they aren't truth itself.  Meditation, awareness, and mindfulness can help us awaken to the truth, but it is only through direct seeing - "Oh, I am not any thought of or story, and not even this 'I' thought" - that we awaken to who and what we really are. Then we discover the peace, happiness, joy, and love that is our true nature. This is the direct path. the path that leads to the awakening to oneness. 

My work is in the tradition of Jean Klein, Ramana Maharshi, and Nisargadatta, Maharaj, but it is very contemporary, addressing the challenges of our time, and has been compared to Eckhart Tolle, author of Power of Now, Adyashanti, and Deepak Chopra.


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