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Here is lesson # 7, "The Lesson in Suffering," from my new book, now titled, Awakening the Power of Love: Be Present, Heart Open, No Story:

More and more today, people who are awakening to genuine freedom within themselves—who are realizing the love that is their true nature—are using the simple but profound phrase: “It’s all good.”

But how can this be, we might wonder? What can possibly be “good” about parents, for example, losing their child to an accident, suicide, or murder?

What can be “good” about a situation where our best friend has just died suddenly, or as a result of an illness? Or where there has been some other personal devastation, such as our losing a job we depended on, or financial ruin, or some other crisis, or the person we thought we loved so deeply suddenly leaving us for another?

When they happen, these events are severe blows—and, in the case of death, particularly of the young, tragic—and they need to be honored as such. We need to take the time to grieve and mourn our loss.

But after the period of sorrow, of deep sadness is over—however long that takes— we will realize, at some point, that it is what it is, and we are here. It was real then, when it happened, but is not real now.

We will see the lesson in our suffering, how the sad or tragic incident served as a wake-up call. It is calling us to wake up to something deeper with us, a deeper level of love and wisdom that wants to emerge from within, and guide us in our life now.

Maybe we will have a major realization, an epiphany, or a series of smaller awakenings or insights as a result of what has happened to us—something that will give renewed direction, meaning, and purpose to our life.

We have been through the fire of suffering, of personal tragedy—our own “dark night of the soul”—and it has resulted in our being even more present in our life. We are more awake, freer, more unconditionally loving.

And we can now say, too, that while what happened in the past was a terrible thing, it’s all, in the end, good…

The more we are open to learning whatever lesson life has to teach us, the more the lesson will come—and then we can move on. And the more we embody the message of this book, the more we will realize that “moving on” really means we are even more present in this moment… 

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End Your Story, Begin Your Life

My book, End Your Story, Begin Your Life published by Hampton Roads ($16.95) is in paperback. It has been widely-praised as one of the best and clearest guides to being free while fully engaging in the marketplace of daily life. More details on the Books page. Also available as an audiobook.

An article about my work, by Joyce Tate Dvoren, is in the December 2011 issue of LA Yoga. Titled ‘Three Steps to Freedom,’ it can be read online at http://www.layoga-digital.com/layoga/201112#pg22

The Essence of my Teaching

Nonduality, nondual, spiritual, enlightenment, awakening, self-realization, and liberation are all pointers to the ultimate truth of life, but they aren't truth itself.  Meditation, awareness, and mindfulness can help us awaken to the truth, but it is only through direct seeing - "Oh, I am not any thought of or story, and not even this 'I' thought" - that we awaken to who and what we really are. Then we discover the peace, happiness, joy, and love that is our true nature. This is the direct path. the path that leads to the awakening to oneness. 

My work is in the tradition of Jean Klein, Ramana Maharshi, and Nisargadatta, Maharaj, but it is very contemporary, addressing the challenges of our time, and has been compared to Eckhart Tolle, author of Power of Now, Adyashanti, and Byron Katie.

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